Emma Meir

Emma is the director and principal coach of Playball Kids based in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.  Emma is the proud mother of twins and understands the needs of parents - keeping children happy, fit and safe in a fun learning environment. Emma is a keen sports woman, having competed in lots of ball sports throughout her years. Her main sports are *hockey, tennis and golf. She plays for the Masters Irish Womens’ hockey team and competes internationally. She is a keen member and player of Avoca Hockey Club, Meadowvale Tennis Club and Leopardstown Golf Club.

Linda Collie

Coach Linda Bio: Linda has been a coach with Playball since 2008. Linda is a Black Belt in Karate and is very active in the world of Shotokan Karate. Linda specialises in our classes for children with additional needs such as Down Syndrome and Autism.

Deirdre Faul

Coach Deirdre Bio: Deirdre has been with Playball since 2010, after deciding to change careers from Scientist to coach. She is a longstanding member of Transplant Team Ireland and has represented Ireland at World, European and British Transplant Games. She is an all-round competitor competing in squash, swimming, badminton, golf, cycling and bowling. Deirdre’s aim is to give the children she coaches a framework to grow as athletes, develop the necessary skills to do this and have an all round love of sport'

Andrea Corr

Coach Andrea Bio: Andrea joined the Playball team in 2008; she is one of our most experienced coaches. She has a FETAC certificate in Child Minding, with over 12 years’ experience in crèches. Andrea has played hockey at a very high level; she played for Connaught. Football is also a big thing for Andrea. She has coached local soccer teams from U-8 - U-15 winning Dublin League Titles on a few occasions over a period of 10 years.

Sheena Tobin

Sheena joined Playball in 2009 and her speciality is Basketball, currently she is a Division 1 player.  She has a great presence with all children and has super energy!

Ross Collie

Ross has been working with Playball since 2013. He is a keen sportsman and is fantastic with children.

Our 5 Programmes

Our 5 programmes progress from simple sport introduction to mini sport classes running parallel with the school academic year. Each programme caters for one age group and covers an extensive range of sport related skills that are pitched at the correct developmental level and is constantly reviewed to ensure your child develops at the right pace, physically, mentally and socially, in a fun, safe and structured environment.

Our action-packed lessons are limited to very small numbers to ensure maximum learning and are delivered by experienced, professional CRB-checked coaches who are well-trained in the programme.

The lessons have an impressive creative component that ensures your child is never bored and will just love every lesson, week after week. This winning formula has benefitted tens of thousands of children who have themselves achieved competency through our specialist coaching, and have gone on to apply the fundamental skills they have learnt in a variety of sports at school.

Outcome-orientated programme with bi-annual evaluations

As well as having access to the coach for regular, informal feedback, a mid-term and an annual evaluation report is compiled, with a certificate is issued to each child who completes a Playball course for the specific age group, for the school year.

Internationally proven

Playball has proven itself in many countries over the last 25 years and is recognised as a unique and invaluable sports coaching programme, with tens of thousands of children in the UK, Holland, Switzerland, America, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, Doha and Israel benefitting from the many rewards of the Playball programme.

Scientifically and educationally sound curriculum

The success Playball programme is the result of many years of research and development. The Playball team created the Playball sports programme by researching the developmental needs of the 2-12year olds through consultation with child development professionals.

The Playball curriculum is maintained by a consortium of professionals compromising teachers, physical therapists, sports coaches, occupational therapists and sports scientists to bring you the most current and appropriate sports programme for your child.

The five Playball programmes

Each programme is based over three school terms and your child will progress from simple to more complex activities as they move through the beginners onto the intermediate stage and finish with the advanced stage of each programme during Summer term. The sports coached progressfully though out the Playball programme are Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball.

The 2 Can Do programme overview: 2yrs - 3yrs

Our focus is on laying the basic foundation of movement in order to enable your child to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills as they progress through the Playball programmes.

A two year old is still discovering the wonderful things their bodies can do and need lots of practice in basic building blocks like locomotion, balance etc, which is why we focus on:

  • Delivering an active start to structured, fun (but formalised) lessons.
  • Enrichment of movement experience and participation.
  • Motor planning, core strength, balance, stretching, spatial awareness, running, jumping, concept formation and object manipulation.

Through lots of exploration and discovery, we work in a creative way to encourage your child to:

  • Move more freely
  • Stretch their physical boundaries
  • Develop spatial awareness
  • Perform 'big' motor movements
  • Develop counting, colour recognition and word familiarisation
  • Emphasis is on participation and not competence at this early stage
  • Ensure your child's first experience of Playball is positive and exciting

Watch me @3 Playball programme overview: 3yrs - 4yrs

A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as your child is introduced to basic movement and sport development skills which will lay the foundation for future, successful sports participation.

As this is often your child's first encounter within a formal environment, learning will also be directed towards improving concentration and listening skills.

The Watch me @ 3 programme covers the following areas:

  • Coaching all basic sports skills with the emphasis on a measure of competence involving the grip/foot position, body position, head position and the action/movement to the ball/object (this is the first introduction of the Playball Focus Points - PFPs - which are engrained in all subsequent programmes).
  • Continued development of your child's enjoyment of sport.
  • Confidence to participate in sporting activities and games.
  • Social integration with other children
  • Development of concentration and listening skills

Dinkies Playball programme overview: 4yrs - 6yrs

The main emphasis is on mastering a wide variety of sport and movement skills with the balance between participation and the quality of each skill.

This programme provides your child with opportunities to practice individual skills more rigorously, which subsequently develops competence and starts to develop muscle memory. In addition to practicing these skills more thoroughly, we begin to introduce skill sequencing - which is the process of stringing individual skills together to form a sequence of skills - the foundation of all sports.

An example would be the forehand shot in tennis. The shot is not performed on its own. The Playballer has to move into position beforehand using a variety of locomotive movements, perform the forehand shot, follow through, and then again move into position to hit the next shot. The more fluid these skills, movements and transitions are, the more successful the Playballer will be as a tennis player.

Your child will take great strides into the world of competent sports participation as good ball skills are established and improved upon.

Your child will benefit from the Dinkies programme in many ways, but more importantly they will:

  • Develop a wide range of sport skills
  • Understand individual participation
  • Overcome fears that discourage sports participation
  • Introduced to organised sport specific skills and activities

Preps Playball programme overview: 6yrs - 8yrs

In addition to fine-tuning skills developed in the previous Playball stages your child will practice more demanding specialised sports skills and formalised sport drills with an emphasis on refining the quality of the skill and movement.

Team work and leadership development

There are a number of exercises that include partner work to provide the children with an introduction to team work, and they will also begin to develop their own decision-making in a game situation. Preps learn to work together as a unit to achieve a common goal and begin to take small leadership roles.

Playing small-sided sports games is very exciting for Playballers and they learn how to win and lose graciously. Here is a summary of what this programme will deliver:

  • More technical development of the skills related to the sports we teach focusing on contact and release points and finish.
  • Introduction to team work and continued development of partner work.
  • Development of decision making in a game situation.

What Preps would have achieved by the end of this programme

By the end of the programme, we can confidently state that Playball and its unique teaching methods have definitely made an active contribution to your child's development. The educational nature of our programme helps consolidate all learning into a solid foundation.

This age group is a particularly exciting time in your child's life - the fundamental building blocks are now in place and form the base for progress in all aspects of formal and informal learning, whether in academics, social or cultural. And what's even better, they have now developed a healthy and positive association with sport!

Players Playball programme overview: 8yrs - 12yrs

This programme teaches the intricate skills needed to play our main ball sports of football, netball, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, cricket and baseball/softball.

Team work and leadership development

Players will understand the importance of working together as a team, enjoy the challenge of leading, and concentrate on more tactical play.

They will show respect and sportsmanship at all times and are not allowed to argue with the ref (!) and most importantly, will continue to develop a genuine enthusiasm for sport participation.

The programme will provide your child with the necessary skills and knowledge of the basic rules relating to each sport and will cover:

  • Introduction to match play.
  • Introduction to basic rules of the sports Playball teaches.
  • Continued development of sport related skills by applying advanced skills to a match situation.
  • Development of more complex team work concepts for example attacking and defensive play, playing the ball and moving into space and passing into space.

What Preps would have achieved by the end of this programme

Due to the nature of the multi-sport coaching and drills, they are now able to quickly adapt to new skills and sports as they already now have a strong foundation of sports skills.

Matches are played and drills are exercised to continue to develop and prepare children for a lifetime of confident and competent sports participation.