Toddler Classes 2-4yrs old

Open to 2 -4 year olds.  

During these classes we are following the below programs:

  • 2 Can Do (2 - 3yrs)
  • Watch Me@3 (3 - 5yrs)

The 2 Can Do programme overview: 2 - 3yrs

Our focus is on laying the basic foundation of movement in order to enable your child to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills as they progress through the Playball programmes.

A two year old is still discovering the wonderful things their bodies can do and need lots of practice in basic building blocks like locomotion, balance etc, which is why we focus on:

  • Delivering an active start to structured, fun (but formalised) lessons.
  • Enrichment of movement experience and participation.
  • Motor planning, core strength, balance, stretching, spatial awareness, running, jumping, concept formation and object manipulation.

Through lots of exploration and discovery, we work in a creative way to encourage your child to:

  • Move more freely
  • Stretch their physical boundaries
  • Develop spatial awareness
  • Perform 'big' motor movements
  • Develop counting, colour recognition and word familiarisation
  • Emphasis is on participation and not competence at this early stage
  • Ensure your child's first experience of Playball is positive and exciting

Watch me @3 Playball programme overview: 3 -  5 yrs

A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as your child is introduced to basic movement and sport development skills which will lay the foundation for future, successful sports participation.

As this is often your child's first encounter within a formal environment, learning will also be directed towards improving concentration and listening skills.

The Watch me @ 3 programme covers the following areas:

  • Coaching all basic sports skills with the emphasis on a measure of competence involving the grip/foot position, body position, head position and the action/movement to the ball/object (this is the first introduction of the Playball Focus Points - PFPs - which are engrained in all subsequent programmes).
  • Continued development of your child's enjoyment of sport.
  • Confidence to participate in sporting activities and games.
  • Social integration with other children
  • Development of concentration and listening skills

Trial classes available for 10 euros if required, but booking is essential.

Please call/email the office to arrange.

If you are a creche or montessori owner/manager and would be interested in us running playball classes in your facility please do contact us we would be more than happy to discuss options.

  • Kids United - Please book your child's place at Thank you!

  • The Magic Roundabout! Please book your child's place at Thank you!

  • FitZone @WestWood (Wednesdays) - Please book your child's place at Thank you!

  • Carewell Montessori - Please book your child's place at Thank you!

  • Thursdays - Please book on Thank you!

  • Once Upon a Time - Please book your child's place at Thank you!

  • Dundrum Methodist Church (DMC) - Please book on Thank you!

  • Saturdays -Please book on Thank you!

  • LFI Playball Fridays - Please book on Thank you!

  • Apple Blossom - Please book on Thank you!